About Cecilia Mendez

I present you my amazing friend, health coach and top model Cecilia Mendez.

The other day Cecilia Mendez and I talk about healthy living. I would like to share with you her approach how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For more check out our cooking video and don’t be afraid to comment.



Anastassia Khozissova: How do you maintain your weight? What do you eat in order to have gorgeous hair, nails and skin? What is your daily diet?

Cecilia Mendez: I try to eat healthy all the time. Is my lifestyle.

A: But what does healthy mean to you?

C: I try not to eat animal products very much, but I still eat them sometimes because it is hard to be vegan if I want to have a very active social life. I eat lots of vegetables, whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, I love legumes like chickpeas, lentils and beans.

Give me veggies, whole grains and legumes and I’m fine, I like making everything very flavored and a bit spicy, adding ginger, curry, and lots of herbs.

I put LOVE in the food so it is super tasty. A lot of time people have the idea that eating healthy is boring, but if you make dishes with passion and time, they become tasty, even if you eat alone.

I like preparing dishes with colorful veggies, using seeds, decorating them, because I love to eat.

A: How do you maintain this healthy routine when you have castings?

C: I am very lucky to live in NY, because they have plenty of organic and vegan places where you can eat in a healthy way. I love an easy brown rice sushi or a lentil soup. Also those places where you can make your own salad are great. Pain quotidian is my salvation, they always have vegan soups of the day or the quiche.

A: What’s your morning like?

C: That’s the thing, for many years I started my day with fruits and cereals with almond milk but at a certain point I found cereals to be too processed. Now I have oat-meal with homemade almond milk.

A: Do you have shakes?

C: What I do is a shake with blueberries, maca or cacao, and almond milk. Sometime I had grounded chia seeds too.

A: With or without banana?

C: I don’t like banana.

A: Papaya?

C: Yes also papaya, but mainly blueberries and mango.

A: So your shake includes blueberries, almond milk, maca , flax seeds and chia seeds. I put the think shake in a bowl and I add goji berries, pumpkin seeds, nuts and more seeds.

A: Do you eat eggs?

C: Yes, I like some organic pasture raised eggs that I get in the farmers market. They are super fresh and the yolk is deep orange. Super yummy too. I can totally feel the difference with regular eggs which I don’t eat anymore.

A: Don’t you have sometimes the urgency to eat a steak?

C: Not really, only sometimes. But once you stop having it you don’t really miss it. Before I could die for a steak.

A: Do you take any specific vitamins?

C: Yes, vitamin B12 because I don’t eat much meat. Also vitamin D in wintertime since I don’t see the sun that much around those days. I take Echinacea for my immune system. The ideal would be to be immune because we eat well. But it is not always easy because we travel a lot, maybe we go to dinner and don’t eat very healthy.

A: Mostly you eat organic things. What is the difference between organic and farm?

C: Organic should be free from antibiotics, hormones and things like that. However, I don’t even trust the organic label that much.

Near where I live we have a local farmer market and I get all my vegetables from there, they sell organic eggs from the farm and for me that is the ideal food to get.

A: What would you tell to the girls that start modeling?

C: Don’t diet, just eat healthy and go to the gym.

Being healthy is a one way trip. When you are 18 years old and they tell you not to eat McDonalds because it is unhealthy, you don’t get it. My advice is to brainwash your brain as a girl and start thinking healthy.Even if you are skinny and you eat at McDonalds, you will have cellulite in the future, you are not going to have a good looking body, inside and out.

You have to love and respect your body, don’t treat it with junk food and stuff like that. I also think stress is the worst thing you can do to your body, it is hard to deal with but you have to find a way out.

Have healthy choices.


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