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Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love and happiness. But what love really is?

Here is my thoughts about Love.

 My name is Anastassia and I am 36 years old. I grow up with dramatic stories from Pushkin and Turgenev. Thanks to the books, from the very beginning I believed in old style romantic love. Then the Hollywood movies came into my life. The perfect examples were “Dirty dancing” or “Pretty woman”. And, with even more passion, I started to believe that one day HE, the perfect prince, will show up and take me away. And we will love each other until the last day.

Well it didn’t happen. Perhaps it’s happens to other people (I don’t know any), it didn’t happen to me. So I start asking myself: what love really means? How does it feel to be in love and most importantly to be loved.Risotto-ala-rose-cover

Last 10 years I’ve lived in NY and I’ve heard “I love you” many times everywhere. People can say this to you walking down the street without even knowing you. Americans use word “love” in everything. The slogan “I love NY” is number one selling items. So, surrounded my so many romantic revelations, I somehow forgot the true meaning of love.

In my culture, as you know I am Russian or better say old school Russian, the phrase “I love you” isn’t really popular. We use it rarely, just as Italians do. Instead we say: “I like it, or I like you”. While I’m in Russian or Italy I don’t hear about love that often, but when I do, I know it means a lot.

LoveRecently I finished a course at IIN to become a health coach. And all my teachers were saying, that first of all you need to love yourself. I caught myself thinking that I don’t know what does it mean to love yourself and even what love is. So, what does it mean to love yourself? When I started thinking about it, with shock and horror I understood that I have never loved anyone and neither myself. Well don’t get me wrong I had obsessions or hurricanes of emotions or sexual attractions, but never got to the stage of love. Why? Because I didn’t know how. What’s more scary is that I’ve never even try to love someone or the most importantly I never LOVED me: my inner child, my inner self with all my imperfections and mistakes in life. I’ve never accepted of who I am and never loved what I achieved.
This realization made me start fresh from the beginning. I started learning how to love myself and how to love others. And believe me, it’s not an easy journey. But it’s totally worth it.

Risotto-alla-rose-actualLast year gave me a huge lesson and I am very thankful for that. I am here. I love me. I love you. Why, you ask me? Because it’s just IS.

Love your parents and your friends, your partner and children, love life and what’s around you. But most importantly – love yourself. Love is the answer.

So, doesn’t matter if you spend this holiday with your loved one or as a single girl with big dreams – treat yourself with something delicious, healthy and sweet and don’t forget to tell yourself how awesome and amazing you are. Because you worth it.


I prepare a Risotto alla Rose from me to you. It is a delicious, healthy and sweet option for you and your loved ones.


Anastassia Khozissova

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