Afternoon Salad

 I believe that simplicity is the key for healthy lifestyle. And when I’m cooking, I’m trying to create recipes that are simple yet full of vitamins and minerals. But more than that it should be tasty, just like this “Afternoon Salad” I love to cook when I’m in rush and need something easy and quick to    eat. The recipe remind me of my childhood in Russia. Apple, beet, carrot – basically that’s all we usually had in our fridge. To recreate the salad you will need just a bunch of this fresh vegetables and apple, plus some walnuts – what can be easier?

Recipe of Afternoon Salad

Cut fresh beet, carrot and green apple and mix all together in a bowl. Add walnuts. Squeeze the lemon juice from half of the lemon and use it as a seasoning. For the sweetness, I like to add 1 tablespoon of honey. Your salad is ready. Eat it as a healthy snack between the meals or cook it for the dessert.

Enjoy it!

Anastassia Khozissova

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