Bio-individuality principles

Why do we love some products and despise others? How did it happen that people from one place can’t live without milk and people from another are lactose intolerant? The answer is in bio-individuality. Let’s talk about what it is and why it’s good for you.

What is it?

The term bio-individuality was developed by Joshua Rosenthal, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. According to his theory there is no one-fits-all diet, every person is a unique individual, and thus the nutritional requirements are individual as well.

I wholly agree with this. For example, what is good for someone who is in their thirties will not be as beneficial for somebody over 50. People who do physical work need different diet comparing to those who sit behind the computer all day. Some may feel great being a vegetarian or even vegan and others can’t live without meat. We are ALL DIFERENT! And that’s fantastic.

How do you know what is good for you?


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You need to do a few tests to get the whole picture. For example, you should do your regular base blood tests. For woman I also recommend to make test of your hormones, allergies and food intolerance tests yearly and of course genetic test is must.

 Marketing traps

All that is vegetarian, vegan, bio- or organic- is in trend now. But don’t forget that it is also a marketing trap for the consumers. Of course it is very important where your product is coming from and who produced it. Any harmless looking and seemingly healthy food as for example, an apple could be bad for you because of the chemicals hidden in it. Browsing the supermarket shelves, think of season, color, smell of the food you want to buy. Not only looking for those bio- and organic- labels.

Big difference

Remember that men eat differently compared to women. Man’s body takes food in a different way. Also we crave different food depending on the season. In winter, we want comfy food: meat, something warm like hot soups. In summer it changes to salads, fresh vegetables, cold soups. I think that bio-individuality is great. Everyone chooses it’s own way. If something is good for you, it doesn’t mean it will be equally great for others. I am also sure that the right tests and understanding of your body is very important.



Choose your diet according to your circumstances. Be flexible and open-minded. If you work in the office, choose some easy-to-digest food and smaller portions. If you do serious physical work, you probably would need more proteins and more calories. Learn about your body as much as possible. Do breakfast! Start your morning right (check my suggestion for your Morning routine). Listen your body. Try to switch your second cup of coffee to a cup of herbal caffeine free tea or freshly made green juice. Change your routing once in a while. Add new food to your diet. Be curious, look for the new combinations that will be beneficial for your body. Get yourself a health coach. Trust me, it would save you time and bring more benefits to your health.

Invest to your health: Hermes comes and goes, you stay!

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