Biobites — natural crackers from the Netherlands

In February I visited Nuremberg to get to Biofach and Vivaness Trade Fairs for organic food and natural personal care. One of the interesting exhibitors was Simone van der Heide from a Dutch company Biobites. We had a chat and I asked her a few questions about the company.

What is the story behind Biobites?

I’ve started the company almost 5 years ago, in 2012. But before that I worked in a hotel and catering industry and had various health problems. It was a very stressful environment and I was eating a lot of junk food. No wonder I didn’t feel well. Then I realized that those were exactly the reasons for why I felt bad. So I started to educate myself in nutrition and tried a lot of different diets, ayurveda and microbiotics included. I was looking for a bread substitute at one point and didn’t like what was on the market. I had a dehydrator, a very simple one and started to make my own crackers. I also did other products but people loved the crackers the most so I continued and the business grew into Biobites company.

What is so good about your products? How are they better than the traditional breads?

Our crackers are made with only natural ingredients like seeds, vegetables, herbs and spices. They are organic, vegan, raw and free from gluten, soy, sugar and yeast. The crackers are dried at low temperatures thus preserving important nutrients and minerals. Besides they are prepared with love!

We hope to encourage people to try a healthy diet and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Also we are a socially responsible business and trying to minimize our footprint.

What are your favorite crackers?

I don’t really have a favorite; all of our crackers are delicious for every moment of the day.  You can enjoy them without any topping due to all the herbs and spices, but they are simply great with avocado/hummus/vegetables, a delicious tapenade.  Also, crackers make a nice accompaniment to a salad or soup. If I am craving for something sweet I choose one of our coconut cookies (chocolate chip or chia-chai).

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In time that passed after I’ve met Simone, I’ve tried all Biobites crackers, and I must admit I love it! My favs are curry & spice, as well as chocolate ones. #anastassiareccomends

Main picture: cheese plate with Biobites crackers


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