• Buckwheat is my number one grain. It is a fruit seeds. It’s gluten-free.​
  • It is proven that people who include buckwheat into their diet have lower chances to develop cardiovascular diseases, mainly due to its flavonoid richness. ​
  • Buckwheat is a diabetic and weight-loss friendly food. It’s lowers the level of glucose in our blood and has full of dietary fibers.​
  • It is a great post workout meal, because it contains easily digestible proteins and many minerals such as magnesium and copper. ​
  • Buckwheat is easy to cook 10-15m.
  • Most importantly it is remind me of my childhood. In Russia this is number one grain.
  • 100 gr. of buckwheat has 92 kcal, 3,38 gr. of proteins and 0 mg of cholesterol.​
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