Elina Halimi: beauty and travel tips

Due to my job I travel a lot. A healthy lifestyle plays an important role in my life. Every morning I start my day with a large glass of water with lemon on an empty stomach no matter where I am. Why? Because it’s activates the digestive system.


As supplements I take Spirulina and Green Vibrance which I get in New York, while I am there for work. Green’s is very important for me. It’s an excellent antioxidant and a good source of iron. It helps me to maintain my ideal weight and to look younger. Every morning for breakfast my must have is AlkaVie.

I find THIS MIX full of the right amount of nuts, Vitamins, dried fruits, chia seeds and minerals.

The other perfect place for me to buy all supplements is Whole foods in the US.

All of that is very important for me this is how I start my mornings no matter what. Because I travel so much for work I have to organize my schedule in advance.

The moment I get in the plane I immediately change the time on my watch. It helps me rebuild and immediately switch to a new hour zone.

For long time flights I prepare my travel kit. In the plane the skin usually gets very dry. When I fly over long distances, Milan- New York- Japan, I always make sure that there is no make up on my skin and I

put moisturizer on my face every 3 hours in order to minimize dehydration.

I never eat on the plane because our digestion slows down and it becomes hard for our stomach to digest the food we eat on the plane.

However, I always have with me some nuts and dried fruits because they are perfect snack if you are hungry on the plane.

The lack of humidity in the cabin air during the flight can lead to dehydration. For that reason I do drink plenty of water but no alcohol.


There is nothing better when you arrive at your destination and then take a shower or a long bath. It always helps me to restore my energy and is also excellent before a good sleep.

Bon voyage!


Elina Halimi

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