Escarole salad with walnuts by Francesco Missoni

Escarole salad with walnuts by Francesco Missoni is vegan, healthy and easy to prepare.

The easier – the better!

On our #Lifeofthemodel kitchen Francesco Maccapani Missoni cooked a very simple, yet healthy and delicious green salad and shared some unexpected cooking tricks with Anastassia Khozissova.

Plus, we asked him about his upcoming cooking book with family recipes and why he choose healthy lifestyle. And while many people came to healthy lifestyle during some circumstances in their adult life, that’s not the case with Francesco Missoni: “I grow up in countryside and we had a big garden, so me and my family always had an access to seasonal vegetables and fruits. And even though I eat everything, including meet, I prefer my food easy and healthy”.

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Anastassia Khozissova and Francesco Maccapani Missoni




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Enjoy your healthy salad!







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