Fashion and healthy places in Ibiza

When I used to hear the name Ibiza I thought of music, clubs, 24hours partying, drugs, DJ, sun and a lot of hot people around me. And yes, a part of it is true. But today I want to show you a different Ibiza. My Ibiza: an oasis of spirituality, fitness and health.


My Ibiza starts with the morning yoga and salutation to the sun. I continue with my morning routine. I usually cook myself but when you are on vacation, you become lazy. I always do a prior research for places to eat and maintain my health no matter where I am. Ibiza is where people understand the importance of food in relation to health and body. So here is the list of my favorite healthy and fashionable places in Ibiza.

Wild beet

Address: C. Venda de Llatzer, 9

07814 – Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, Ibiza

My top suggestions:


Açai Na Tigela – acai berries blended with banana, honey and sprinkled with granola, covered in a layer of sliced banana and goji berries


Liver Cleanse Juice Elixir – beetroot, cucumber, celery, cayenne

Hangover Remedy Juice Elixir – apple, ginger, lemon, lavender

Ginger Fireball Juices Shot is a must (ginger, lemon, agave, oil of oregano and cayenne)! Great for your immune system and excellent for those who may feel down.

It’s a perfect place for both big groups and secret dates. They have excellent wi-fi and English speaking stuff. Also if you would like to do detox at home they do delivery but I recommend visiting the place.


Address: there are 6 different locations, all info on the website

This will be a perfect place for those who like to party all night and get back on your feet the next day. The one I visited was located at Paseo Maritimo, in the heart of where all the major clubs are, next to Heart, which, by the way, is an excellent place to visit and enjoy an amazing show and dance with Steve Aioki (check) in African dream.

This is a chain of healthy café & restaurants with juices, smoothies and organic healthy snacks. It is a perfect place for those who care for their body and soul. And their wi-fi is excellent too.

My top suggestions:

Green Goddess smoothie


Marcobio grain bowl (Salad with quinoa and tofu )


Now ! On more of my favorite secret places where you can have a great simple fish with salad for a great price in Ibiza is Cala Olivera.


It’s is located In Rocallisa. My new friend Pedro will take care of you well. Give him a hug when you see him from me.

P.S Make sure you have cash as they don’t accept credit cards.


For those who cook at home no matter what a great place to get your seasonal veggies at Veritas ecological products store and check out new recipes at #Lifeofthemodel



And of course being a fashion girl I cannot miss the famous Sandaly of Ibiza.

Address: Career D’Enmig 38 -07800 Ibiza.

From Ingrid Bergman to Sophia Loren, the atelier of the master craftsman in Capri and Positano, welcome the most distinguished names of the international jet-set, all looking for a pair of the exclusive sandals.

It was the 1960’s and those sandals made history …… and still now,in 2016, this almost century-long history remain unique and timeless.


Picture by Ksenia Ivanova

Enjoy your summer at Ibiza with me 🙂


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