First step 14 days group program


My name is Anastassia Khozissova.

Anastassia Khozissova - program "First step 14 days"

I am a Top Model, Your Certified Health Coach and wellness Chef.

I believe that a balanced lifestyle and a workout program can significantly improve your life. My programs based on my experience and experience of my clients.

I am here to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage you to change your life for the better. I would love your changes to be permanent. I am here to teach you how to make slimming and energizing choices without resorting to fad diets.

As your Health Coach I will be your personal adviser and will provide you an ongoing support and guidance. My goal is to help you to achieve the goals you set and be sure the changes will improve your health and life. I will guide you through your journey and will help you to make necessary changes.

 The results you gain


  • Learn about healthy foods and try very delicious and easy to cook recipes that will help you to lose weight and gain energy.
  • Learn how to get your focus back.
  •  Stay thin and energetic without limiting yourself
  •  Self-confidence
  •  Feel the influence of food on your state of health and mood
  •  Choose right and useful food at the store
  •  Learn about of stress management.
  •  Find confidence in every aspect of your life.
  •  Find a new way of eating that fits your lifestyle.
  •  Learn how to love your body.
  •  Understand how food affects your body and mood.
  •  Learn how to shop for healthy food and how to choose the right products.
  •  Get less heavier, healthier and cleaner body.
  •  Fitness motivation

“First step 14 day a group program” will significantly improve the conditions of your health and body. Together we will discover the tools you need to balance your life and make it healthy and happy.

Anastassia Khozissova - program "First step 14 days"

My approach is to focus on main aspects as

  • Go green
  • Change your plate
  • Understanding of who you are
  • Learn how to love yourself
  • Change your habits to a good ones
  • Individually selected nutrition
  • Healthy meal and meditation
  • Listen yourself

Your 14 day group program includes:

  • Full and ongoing analysis of your eating habits with recommended changes.
  • Support via email or WhatsApp.
  • Cooking Recipes accordingly the food you have access to.
  • Recommendations how to shop for healthy food.
  • Learn about stress management.
  • Check-ins and motivation between sessions
  • Discounts on products and services I recommend
  • Meal plan for 13 days (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks+ daily shopping plan).
  • Ongoing support and feedback in communication by e-mail or WhatsApp.
  • Shopping list for everyday
  • Morning routine
  • Basics of superfoods
  • My daily  15 m personal support via WhatsApp

Plus Bonus: 50 m session personal session with me via Skype or WhatsApp + 2 Days detox +3 days personalised menu base on your health history.

Let me teach you and show you easy and healthy way of living.

Are you ready to stop dieting and start living healthy and happy life ?

Program starts 1 May

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Program cost 250 euro.

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