Fishcakes with pearl barley and vegetables

I have a fish recipe for you today! It’s fish cakes – simple and healthy option for you and your family. As you know fish is an excellent source of protein, low calories, low sodium, and a significant source for omega-6 fatty acids. Even though some people may say it can be difficult to cook, it is not really. Let me show you how to make the process easy and fun.

First of all, you need filet of several different fishes. I have seabass, salmon and yellowtail cutted for me by Mimmo at my favorite fish market Il Kiosko la Pescheria in Milan. Btw, I need to thank Mimmo, a man who works there, for the recipe I’m going to share with you today.

Adding one raw crushed potato, spices, salt, pepper, spinach, pinch of curcuma. Mix well. Your minced fish is ready! Form it into ball-shaped cakes, dip fish cakes in sesame seeds. Put on the pre-hited pan and fry for 1-1,5 minutes from each side.

In the meantime, put your vegetables, aubergine and carrot, on another pan with olive oil. I prefer to cook it until it is still crispy. Add pre-cooked pearl barley and a little bit of pumpkin oil, mix well. Add flavors to you dish with parsley and spinach. Your garnish is ready!

It’s time to serve the plate!

I hope you like the recipe! Let me know what you think and don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel for more videos.


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