Fusilli with wild cod and artichoke sauce

It’s time for pasta! Today we’re going to cook fusilli with wild cod and artichoke sauce. The reasons I love this particular pasta from Italian brand JoyIt is simple! It’s gluten free and made from rice flour. It’s organic. It’s delicious and it’s different. As a topping for my pasta I choose artichokes and wild cod.

In case you also want to try bio organic JOYIT products, buy fusilli or any other pasta go to http://joyit.co/shop/. By  the way, for this recipe you can use any pasta made from rice flour.

The list of ingredients you can find in a bar on the right


First of all, cut wild cod at pieces and add it to frying pan with olive oil. Squeeze a piece of lemon. Add salt and pepper.

Put boiled artichokes in blender, add olive oil and blend.

Boil fusilli following the instruction on the package. Once it’s ready, put it in the strainer, than add to the pan with cod. The final touch – artichokes sauce from the blender. Mix everything and enjoy!

Bon appetite!


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