Genetic code of youth

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A few weeks ago in Moscow, I attended the biggest in Russia cosmetic exhibition InterCHARM 2017. During this exhibition, I met my old friends – MyGenetics company. I already shared with you my DNA test’s results from MyGenetics, where I learned what kind of nutrition and exercises for me was the most effective and useful. I’d like to mention that I still follow these recommendations.

During the exhibition, MyGenetics presented a new recent development – DNA Beauty test. I couldn’t miss the chance to be one of the first who could undergo a new DNA test , which was specialized on the preservation of health and youthful skin.

DNA Beauty test by MyGenetics –  an individual selection of a system for skin care, of beauty treatments, as well as functional components of cosmetic products and “diet for skin” based on DNA-analysis. DNA analysis will tell about the genetic predispositions, the influence of lifestyle and the impact of external factors on the skin.The beauty test, which investigates genes, allows characterizing the skin on different parameters. For example, genetics determines the body’s response to different external pressures, including solar radiation.

All of us are told, that sun has a bad impact on our skin. But actually, sensitivity to sunlight depends on the individual response. For some people, sun exposure has a beneficial effect – they start to produce vitamin D, from the skin vanish inflammatory reactions and acne. Some others have a different response, and sun exposure leads their skin to inflammation, severe damage of skin cells and their subsequent destruction. The destruction of the cells by ultraviolet light, in turn, leads to photoaging and pigmentation. By knowing about the influence of the sun on your skin, you can strengthen the protection and prevent the emergence of such problems.

Which opportunities opens DNA Beauty test?

DNA test determines the internal characteristics of the skin and helps to select cosmetic products and beauty treatments, to determine the body’s need for vitamins and nutrients, to make an individual nutrition program for healthy skin. By knowing risks and problem zones of your skin, you can work hard with a specific problem, avoid some mistakes (which, accidentally, can lead to serious consequences and side effects, if the choice of skin care products is incorrect) and avoid ineffective cosmetic procedures.

How does it work?

After receiving the complicit for DNA test, you need to make a biomaterial sampling (for this you need to conduct a special cotton swab on the inside of the cheeks). Then send it to our laboratory with the courier. Further, as the cells stand out DNA analysis determines your genes. Depending on the results, we make recommendations and build an individual genetic report.  As a result, you will get a real «Book about yourself», in a format of the glossy magazine.

Book includes information with characteristic of your skin with basics criteria such as: mechanical properties (firmness and elasticity), moisture (status of the Horny layer of the skin), the possible development of skin diseases and early aging, antioxidant protection, the resistance of the skin against the destructive effects of sugar, causes of inflammation and necessary vitamins.

Founder of MyGenetics and I, with my experience of DNA testing, recommend to always follow given recommendations. Furthermore this will really make your life easier and improve your health. Just by hearing your body you can live in harmony with it. DNA test is not a panacea for all ills. This is only a powerful tool, that you can use in practice for achieving visible results. Results in the report are divided into three directions:

  1. Prevention of premature aging
  2. The identification of predisposition to disease
  3. Correction of lifestyle and nutrition

Many factors depend on your diet, that is why the report includes individual nutrition plan with a recommendation of necessary intakes of supplements, to maintain health from the inside. Moreover DNA analysis determines the degree of antioxidant protection: different people require different antioxidants for the body protection; for someone is enough to eat more vegetables and fruits, for others is necessary to have an extra intake. In the report, you will find out what your body needs.

Moreover, DNA report gives some advice on changing your lifestyle. Maybe you should  reduce your stress or give up smoking and other bad habits. It all depends on the genetic characteristics.

I already received my Beauty test, I wish to all of you also to know the secret of youth.

You can order your DNA test and Anastassia Khozissova personal 50 min consultation with us directly.

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