Get ready for Fashion Week

It’s not about the actual bag. It’s what you should put in the bag. Prepare it beforehand so that you willnever miss anything and it will make your life so much easier.

1. Your own makeup

Always have the basics with you. A, because you may be allergic to a certain makeup product and B, things may not be as clean as they should be. By things I mean brushes, mascara wands and eyeliners. This is not to imply that every makeup artist’s instruments are dirty but it happens occasionally. Politely ask if the brushes are clean in case you are suspicious, explain that your skin is sensitive and that you both want the makeup to look its best.


Ask a makeup artist to double clean if possible. Speaking of mascaras and eyeliners, everything that touches your eyes and especially the waterline must be as clean as possible. If you know that your eyes are very sensitive, offer your own tried mascara/eyeliner.I believe no one wants to see their artfully created makeup damaged (by you crying your eyes out). I also advise you to always have your own concealer and powder for little touch ups. This is your face after all that would be photographed and distributed all over the internet the next day after the show, and you want it to look its best.

2. Makeup remover

You will definitely need something to remove all that makeup when the show is finished. But what you don’t want is to use something your skin doesn’t know.

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So bring your trusty makeup remover with you at all times. If you are running from one show to another, use the time you spend in the car to remove your makeup and put some of your favorite moisturiser to help your skin to relax. If you don’t have the time in the car then ask the makeup artist at the next show to use your own makeup remover and moisturizer.

3. Chamomile tea bags

These are life saviors. You can use them to calm your eyes if they are red and irritated. Just make them wet and put them on for 5 minutes or so.

4. Snacks and water

Always drink enough water and have a small packet of mixed nuts and a banana with you. You can’t rely on having food provided for you at the backstage so prepare this or some power bars, something to snack on. Prepare your snacks bags beforehand. Say, you are travelling for 7 days, then make 7 small bags. Just remember to grab one of them with your every morning.

5. Alcohol and coffee

I strongly suggest saying no to alcohol because it dries your skin and plays tricks with your energy levels, same with the RedBull. I’d also say that you should be easy on your coffee for the same reasons. You must be prepared to work long hours and all these drinks are against it.


6. Your underwear  

Have a spare set of nude underwear with you. The slimmer and the more invisible it is the better. A lot of times you will be wearing something transparent thus designers always ask for an indistinguishable underwear.

7. Nail polish

Make sure you have nude nail polish with you. Have your manicure and pedicure done before the start of the catwalk shows season.


8. Razor

Please, shave. I know many girls don’t like to do it but it must be done. Shave your legs, your underarms and your downstairs. Sometimes you have to wear extremely short clothes and it’s not a pretty sight if you’ve ignored your razor for a while.

9. Comfortable clothes

Try to not wear anything too tight. Something like jeans and socks will leave a mark on your skin and by the time you’ll have to change into the designer outfit, there will be lines that will not go away easily. So it’s better either to wear something loose from the start or change into it upon arrival.


10. Sleep

Unfortunately, you can’t put it in your bag but I decided to include it anyway. Try to sleep whenever it is possible. I used to have naps even at the backstage. It will help your body to restore from the stress.

Good luck!


Anastassia Khozissova


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