Getting personal: meet Workshop Gymnasium’s Lee Mullins

I’ve always believed that workout is very individual thing. And Lee Mullins, the founder of luxurious Workshop Gymnasium, proved me right. I’ve met him in Bulgari Hotel in Milan to do a workout under his guidance and talk about his one-to-one training methods designed to refine the way our bodies looks and feels.

Anastassia Khozissova: Why it’s important to do workout with personal trainer?

Lee Mullins: Obviously, i’m biased as I am a personal trainer, but the real benefit of a skilled personal trainer is creating programs and workouts for clients that work towards the clients goals, whilst at the same time addressing the clients weak links. I often say that the art of a good personal trainer is to give the client what they want, whilst sneaking in what they really need. We all have weaknesses and areas of dysfunction in the body, and if you work with a good personal trainer that can sneak in the exercises that address these weaknesses, which often aren’t necessarily the sexiest of exercises to perform, then everyone’s going to be happy and healthy.


AK: What’s the concept behind your Workshop Gymnasium?

LM: To remove the guesswork and create the most customized, specific training programs in the world. We achieve this with the help of our Framework Assessment, a unique series of body assessments that helps identify an individuals movement limitations and imbalances, as well as their genetic make-up, which helps identify if the client responds better to higher intensity training a few times a week or moderate intensity training most days of the week.


AK: Why you operate only in Bulgari Hotels?

LM: The Workshop concept is a whole body, holistic approach to health, training and wellness, and the Bulgari Hotels provide us with the most beautiful, relaxing setting to complement what we do with clients in the gym. We’re working on some really exciting projects with the Bulgari Hotels so that we’re able to bring our training system to more people across the world.


AK: What kind of workout you recommend for me?

LM: You are already in fantastic shape, so it was a case of addressing some of the movement dysfunction you developed, mostly during the years as a model. After taking you through a Functional Movement Screen, we were able to identify that your major limiting factor is your ankle mobility, so within the workout, I addressed this, along with working on exercises that keep you strong without getting bulky.


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AK: How to get a membership in you Gym? What’s the prices and conditions?

LM: If you’re interested in a membership to train at Workshop at the Bulgari Hotel Milano, you can contact

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