Give yourself a credit

Recently I was feeling a little bit depressed, a bit down. You know how it happens, one thinks she is doing pretty well, is working hard and expects the results but they are not in a hurry to return the favor. I was getting frustrated with this state of things.

Having launched my website 6 months ago I was hoping to see decent results by this time but it didn’t happen. I’ve worked my hardest, done so much and still there is no financial profit. I have to pay people who work for me, run the business and I’ve never done it before. When I was a model, there was always an agent dealing with the financial side of things. It is a bit like athletes who have a coach, there is always someone to advise them and help. You can imagine, I got a little bit lost and started thinking about what I was doing and if people even need this, maybe it was a completely wrong idea to start all this. I was talking to myself like: “Your intention to create this business (or is it even a business?) to help people being motivated doesn’t work as you thought it should. Maybe you need to go and find yourself a simple job like a salesperson or something or return to modeling, something you know”.


Thankfully, my friend Evelina Khromtchenko called me at the right time. I explained how I felt down and how depressed I was, that I was exhausted with all the input and the absence of the results. What she replied me was a complete surprise. “Are you crazy?”, – she said. “Look at how much you’ve done! I have been running my website for 5 years and it has just started to make a profit. Yours is only 6 months and you have already done a lot. You have created a perfect product by yourself without any prior knowledge of how to do it. Why don’t you give yourself a break and credit?”

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And I realized that it was absolutely right. We often forget to give ourselves a credit. We tend to think that it’s normal when we do million different things but then how many people are actually doing it the same way as you? How many can pull off the same amount of work you’ve done in such a short period of time? In my case, how many of them went from being a supermodel to starting something absolutely new? It is hard to quit something you know very well without regret and jump into a completely unknown. And so I thought, we all need to give ourselves a credit. I want you to do it when you wake up in the morning, during the day and in the evening, before you go to sleep.

If you accomplished something, go ahead, give yourself a credit even if it’s the smallest thing like keeping yourself from your usual bottle of Coca Cola. Learn how to motivate, talk to and communicate to yourself.

So, don’t forget, first thing in the morning, give yourself a credit for how good you’ve been. Continue for the rest of the day. Have a wonderful day, guys!


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