Green Spot: a must visit healthy restaurant in Barcelona

You know how much I love to travel and discover new healthy places all over the world. During my recent trip to Barcelona, I visited “Green Spot” – the place that quickly become my favorite.

The power of social media is undeniable. I often find new information going through my accounts at Facebook and Instagram. And in this case, I found out about “Green Spot” through Instagram as well. My follower @mysore_barcelona suggested me to visit this place and I’m really grateful for the tip.

So, the “Green Spot”. This place is really worth to visit and give a try. Quiet atmosphere with simple Zen-inspired design, great service and, what most important, fantastic food by even more fantastic chef.

I had a blast! Of course, as a true Glamsetter I went right away to the kitchen to take pictures, meet the chef Marcelino and had a chat with Green Spot’s vegetarian consultant Julia Kleist. Below is our quick chat about food, health and inspiration.


What was your inspiration when you created the menu for Green Spot?

My inspiration was to create a vegetarian menu which would be appealing to all kinds of different people, the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian, with healthy aspects but mainly focused on mind-blowing tastes from all over the world.

Could you, please, share with us your favorite healthy recipe?

My favorite heathy recipe is a simple but great breakfast, perfect starter of the day:

Toasted rye sourdough bread, with a soft tomato rubbed on top of it and a splash of extra virgin olive oil (variation of a traditional catalan pan con tomate). Than you add avocado on top, a bit lemon juice, Dukkah (Egyptian spice blend of toasted nuts and seeds) and chili flakes on top. If you want, add a poached egg for proteins and fresh coriander to finish it.


What’s your secret to stay healthy?

Listen to your own body, it’s needs and preferences! Eat as much unprocessed food as you can, with a lot of greens and plants. But,most of all: Enjoy your life and try to be happy in your skin.

How you combine fashion design and food?

In food and in fashion it’s all about combinations. Taking things out of its traditional context, mixing it together and creating something new and unique!


What’s you ideal dinner look like?

A bunch of simple salads and dips, great bread and olives and a cold rosé on a picnic blanket at the beach at nighttime when the heat is gone and magic is in the air!

Or with your best friends in your favorite restaurants (like Green Spot) a huge table with tons of great things to share and try, good music, laughter, dancing!

What motivates you to follow healthy lifestyle?

To feel good in my own body! We only have this one, so we have to take care of it, be thankful for all the work he does and make sure we will keep doing so. Also to look at our environment, protect it, because like our body is the most important treasure we have. Healthy lifestyle for me also means buying products from local producers, which are seasonal, try not to eat meat and be aware of packaging and how things you buy are produced.


My favorites of “Green Spot” menu


Spot curry with black rice


Quesadillas with Kimchi and avocado


Lettuce with sautéed  tofu and shitake, rice noodles and Korean sauce


Hemp pizza with broccoli,mushrooms,pumpkin seeds and halloumi


Carpaccio of kohlrabi, spiraling,pistachios and tamarind vinaigrette


If you live in Barcelona or plan to visit it any time soon, I highly suggest you this place to try. Promise you will love it and don’t forget to say hello to Chef:)


Truly yours, Glamsetter

Anastassia Khozissova

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