Groot: the new detox-café in Moscow

A healthy lifestyle is taking Moscow by storm. #Lifeofthemodel and I your Glam setter Anastassia Khozissova keeps our finger on the pulse of the city. When a new café for vegetarians, vegans and raw vegans came under my radar, I decided to meet its creator Oganes Pogosyan and ask him all about the new launch. Here is a man prospective on healthy living.

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How did you come up with the idea for this project? Are you a vegetarian? Men in Russia are usually very skeptical about it.

I’m not a vegetarian but I’m certainly not against it. I think that it’s beneficial and even necessary for your body to try a vegetarian diet for a while without being fanatical about it. I’d call Groot  a detox-café because everybody needs to detoxify from time to time. I myself don’t shy away from a nice meal and drink but doing it too often will cause an overload. However if you give your body some rest, take off the load so to say, it will help its better functioning.


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Why did you call it Groot?

Groot is the name of a character in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie. It’s a tree-like creature that helped and saved the other super-heroes on multiple occasions. So are we, helping our clients to make healthy balanced food choices, even just for a day.


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An average Russian man lives far away from the world’s capitals and doesn’t pay attention to what is happening in this industry. He is very suspicious about it. Could you explain why one would need to detoxify even for a day or two?

The answer is simple: you need it to make your quality of life better. For example, why does one have to quit smoking? Because your life will have a better quality when you quit. When I hear from people that they keep their bad habits because they find pleasure in them, I tell them that it’s a short-term pleasure and then it will affect your quality of life. To lengthen and enhance the time given to us all we have to think about what we eat.


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Were there any clients who were doubtful at first but then changed their opinion about Groot?

I have many friends coming here who are meat-eaters. They didn’t show any enthusiasm at first when I told them about my newest project. I didn’t pressure them to try anything, just ordered something myself and when they were curious, I gave them a little bit and the next time as well. So gradually they realized that it’s not some boring and flavorless “grass”, it is really something you can enjoy eating.


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I also try to explain how this or that meal or drink can help your body. For example, if you have this cocktail with different kind of greens after your meat meal, it will be easier for your stomach to digest the meat. Surprisingly, some of them started to have lunch here a few days a week. It became a new norm for them. Their bodies convinced them about making the right choice.

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