How to become a Model ?

How to become a Model ?

Well, here is what you should know before you considering working in fashion industry as a model.

You always asking me a question “How to become a Model ?”

Here is the basic things you should know. You should be between 15-17 years old. You should be at least 178 cm tall. You should speak English. Your hips should be 88 cm. You have to know how to pose. You should not be afraid of camera. You should know how to walk on high heels.

The best way to learn how to pose is using Vogue magazine and your mirror, yes your mirror. Look at the poses and the facial expressions of the models in the magazine and try to replicate them in the mirror. After practicing you should ask your friends or family to take pictures of you. Check your photos and find your best angle. The pictures should be natural, so taking them without make up is better. The most importantly thing you need is to believe in yourself and be realistic.

Modeling is a dream job, but is still a job. Not everyone is Gisele Bündchen or Natalia Vodianova and that is fine. There is plenty of other work a model can do. Perhaps it is not as glamour but it is still very profitable.

When girls write to me because they want to be models the first question I ask them is why? Why do you want to be a model? And if they have clear response to this question, then we can talk seriously. There are many model categories and you could be a model at any age. You just have to learn how to place yourself in the right way and the right market. From the moment when you take a job as a model, you and your body both become a product you need to sell to various companies.

You should start thinking about you and your body as a business. How would you sell your body? Does this sound strange? Well that is the harsh reality. Think about it in this way and you will get your business running. Another aspect of great importance is the agency that will represent you. We will talk about this next time.


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