Karen Sakas Beauty tips.

Stay positive and optimistic. Focus on your goals.

Karen Sakas and I talked about nutrition and exercise the other day and we found out it is was common ground for us. We agree on the fact that healthy eating and exercise are important for all of us, not only for models who have to constantly watch their weight.

Here is Karen Sakas tips for healthy mind and body. Trust me they are working.

1.Break up with bread and sugars, drink a lot of water with lemon and introduce a lot of greens into our life, adding that you will learn a secret to a life without colds and viruses.

Karen admits it is hard for us women to deal with the changes that our body faces through the years. She was one of those lucky people who did not need a lot of exercise. However, with time things changed and she started working out three hours a week.

2.My favorite workout is Gyrotonic which I define as simply amazing, but I also do yoga and Pilates as well has as horse-riding at a pro level.

3. Stay positive and optimistic. Focus on your goals.

Remember : we can achieve everything we want with a strong will.

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