Linda Kristel: a history of youth

I’ve met luxury cosmeceutics brand Linda Kristel through the recommendation from a friend. She told me about it first, but seeing no interest in me (I, I confess, thought that this is another miracle remedy that is good only in words), she finally gave me Linda Kristel beauty set. I was hooked.

Despite the fact that Linda Kristel is not the name you hear often, cosmetologists of the whole world have known and respect this brand for a long time. The Linda Kristel laboratory was created back in 1961, and since then, brand’s cosmetologists have worked tirelessly, creating revolutionary formulas for the skincare products. Inside every Linda Kristel tube and jar there are new generation of enhancers – unique biologically active substances responsible for delivery of hyaluron, phytohormones, silk proteins and microcollagen into the deeper layers of the skin. This allows them to awaken and maximally moisturize the skin of the face and neck.

I was using my first Linda Kristel set for several months and noticed that, in combination with proper nutrition, the creams and serums worked wonders. Looking at the mirror every day, I saw my fresh and beautiful skin, as if I did not get older, but younger. Over the past months, Linda Kristel complex has accompanied me during long transatlantic flights from Europe to Mexico and back, saving the skin from the 40-degree heat in Milan and from the cold weather in Moscow… And invariably helped to restore, protect and care for the skin. Therefore, when the contents of the tubes and jars came to an end, I was in a state close to panic. I needed to know where to get a new batch of my new favorite beauty products. The call to a friend made it clear to me that I need to visit Clinical Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine (KIEM) in Moscow, whose specialists carry out highly effective toning procedures using Linda Kristel cosmeceuticals.

I had a chance to make an appointment with KIEM specialist Marina Galay in early August. She did some rejuvenating procedures for me and picked up a new Linda Kristel option for home care. However, I will tell you about everything in order.

Since I went to KIEM the morning after the flight, the doctor immediately identified a range of problems my skin has. With a general good skin condition, she noted slight swelling and redness, as well as a noticeable capillary mesh. The concept of Linda Kristel program, she recommended to me, was directed to restoring, anti-inflammatory, tonic capillaries treatment. And home procedures should strengthen the result achieved in KIEM.

Below is a step-by-step salon care I’ve got. The procedure began with cleansing. Marina Galay used Lait demaquillant hydratant douce – Moisturizing cleansing milk for normal, sensitive and dry skin. A gentle scrub for sensitive skin Gommage douce prepared the face for the delicate cleansing mask Tenderness (Masque Douceur).

The next step is Lotion Satin, which helps cleanse and renew all skin types, Azelaic Masque peeling, Lotion Comfort and strengthening Fluide concentre 19. Then came the turn of another luxurious Masque biologique cellulaire, which tightens skin and fills it with energy, with the addition of Biopeptides Plus Facial Serum for more intense exposure. The final additions of care complex are the eye cream Creme Renovation Pour Le Conteur Des Yeux, lip balm Lift Lip Crème 3D, face cream Bio-Complexe and Vitamine E + coenzyme Q10 serum.

Given my busy rhythm of life, those few hours I spent at KIEM were a breath of fresh air for me. Leaving the Clinical Institute I felt relaxed, rested and beautiful, and my skin hadn’t looked this smooth, radiant and well-groomed in a long time.

Based on my skin’s needs Marina Galay recommended a new Linda Kristel kit for home care. So I brought home strengthening Fluide concentre 19 to fight against capillaries and redness, intensive rejuvenating Crème-Masque Voile de Collagene, Fluide 11 for face and body and Crème 3D for modeling and lifting skin. Since my visit to KIEM I try to arrange a luxurious beauty ritual for my skin with Linda Kristel products every day. And, my skin thanks me for that.


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