MACHA – the new and trendy place in Milan

MACHA café has been opened in Milan since last summer and instantly caught my attention. The next new café, what is so interesting about it, you may ask. Truly, cafes and bars spring up here and there but only the certain ones have the loyalty of their guests. MACHA is definitely one of them. It is this café which is frequented by even models during Milan fashion week because of its healthy menu options, pleasant atmosphere and lovely interior.

Check their social media hashtags like #MACHAisthenewblack и #ILoveyousoMACHA! But of course, it’s not at all the hashtags that draw attention but the offers of delicious breakfasts, guilt-free lunches or many cups of tea you can drink with a friend while enjoying a desert. MACHA menu is very entertaining.

As you’ve probably already guesses, the name of the café was inspired by Japanese matcha tea. For such a city as Milano with its traditional pasticcerias, this new format of café is a step closer to another culture, especially to such a distant one. Matcha is in almost every item on the menu — from matcha milk and matcha cappuccino to matcha spritz and matcha mojito cocktails, from cheesecakes and pancakes to muffins and brioches. But it’s not all about matcha only. As the founders themselves said, you can’t live eating and drinking only green tea, so they introduced more substantial meals, vegetarian and vegan included.  For example, their picture perfect green avocado burghers or (together with the usual sushi) the new sushi bowls — where all the ingredients of a usual sushi are served in a bowl.

But let’s return to matcha tea. It is so healthy that I’m surprised nobody thought of opening such café before. Matcha has a little bit more caffeine than normal tea but 1 cup of matcha gives you more energy than coffee without changing your mood. It is also helps to detoxify your body because of the high amounts of chlorophyll and its ability to remove toxic metals from our bodies. Only 1 cup of matcha will give you good amounts of vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, iron and protein. Another important benefit of matcha is that it contains theanine amino acid which helps to produce more dopamine and serotonin improving mood, stimulating memory and concentration.

I hope I assured you of matcha benefits and inspired you to visit this new MACHA café if you are in Milan. You’ll get your portion of healthy food there and definitely be not left hungry, I promise!

Macha Café located at Viale Francesco Crispi, 15, 20121 Milano. Find out more about the café at the official web-site

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