Magic salad by Elina Halimi

Quinoa is one of the main healthy product of today. Many people who follow healthy lifestyle find quinoa indispensable. It does not contain gluten, but full of useful proteins, folic acid, fiber and other valuable elements to the body. Nothing surprising that in recent years quinoa has become very popular among the population, especially among people who work in the fashion industry.

Today’s guest of Anastassia Khozissova, buyer and stylist Elina Halimi, also loves and appreciates the usefulness of quinoa. Therefore, our new recipe is for a salad with seasonal fruits, vegetables and quinoa. Salad is not only tasty, but full of useful nutrients. Anastassia and Elina agrees that with this salad you can replace a full meal, since it contains ingredients rich in protein, antioxidants and vitamins. So, it will help to satisfy your hunger, but keep the shape. No wonder we call it “magic” salad!



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