MMAIRO – Marble Dream

A few weeks ago I discovered a new amazing brand – MMAIRO and I just felt in love with. MMAIRO represents the quality of the handicraft, luxury of the materials, the value of planning concept: combining them through objects, home accessories and exclusive furnishings. To design and produce unique pieces, the company has chosen marble as a material for its products.  For its collection MMAIRO has selected international architects, designers and artists, who transform objects into customized values.

This brand is for those who appreciate art, beauty and luxury way of living. To find out more details about production and design process, about where can I find these products and  I decided to have a lunch with one of the founder of the brand.

MMAIRO for #Lifeofthemodel. On the plate: Cashew yogurt with berries. Credit: Rita Lanzafame

  • How did all this begin? And why did you choose marble for your designs?

I’m from Carrara, Italy – a famous place for the white marble quarries. I have been dreaming all my life about something which may be related to my  homeland. Every day of my childhood I spent very close to marble, even behind my house you could see the “white mountains”. These memories were always in my hearth and nowadays, to a certain extent, this amazing material is associated with my hometown.

In my opinion, marble is a unique material, every product made of it has an unrepeatable natural design and its unique. This is why marble it is the core of our business.

MMAIRO for #Lifeofthemodel. Photo : Rita Lanzafame

  • Why your products are unique?

MMAIRO is a company, which expresses its passion for design through quality materials and objects that are built to inspire all over the world.

Our company differentiates from others that have as core business not design but production and sale of marble.

Moreover, we are answering to our clients needs customizing  products from our collections or creating bespoke pieces.

  • Nowadays you can find a lot of beautiful products on the market, so why costumers should choose MMAIRO?

Beautiful doesn’t mean automatically inspiring and unique.We are willing to design and produce objects within a way of luxury living, not just a product. Our collection is intended to be an artwork for everyday’s life and use.  The purity of their lines and the unique beauty of that piece of marble shall generate loveliness in the life of the lucky owner that at a glance vibrates with it.

MMAIRO for #Lifeofthemodel. On the plate: Mango Chia Pudding . Credit: Rita Lanzafame

  • What kind of products do you produce?

We are designing and producing tableware, centerpieces, holders, trays, and tables. Products are not just beautiful and inspiring, but also useful.

  • Do you participate in any collaborations?

We have been created the collection in collaboration with different authors (designers, architect, michelin star chef, sculptor, artisans) and we aim to increase the numbers of collaboration including with interior design or architects studio or other brands to create a Mmairo collection “designed for …”.

  • What about your market position and prices?

We are producing and designing luxury products. We have a superior quality of materials, we produce in Tuscany and we look to a selected clientele. Our prices starting from about 150 euro for a small vase up to several thousands of euro for tables.

P.S In addiction during out shooting for  “Lactose-Free” course I absolutely fell in love with MMAIRO’s products, therefore I bought a big centerpiece  ( fruit basket) made of white marble, which looks incredibly good at my kitchen.

If you’d like to know more about MMAIRO please visit  – Website:

MMAIRO in Instagram:@mmairo_design


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