Masha Lopatova and her progress story

Masha Lopatova Kirilenko (her husband is a basketball star Andrei Kirilenko) doesn’t sit still. A mother of four, having a business in NY and now launched an online platform for women called Domokhoziin Russia spends her time between several family houses. She masterfully jugglesher mother and wife obligations and her entrepreneurial spirit callings. I managed to catch her in between flights and ask a few questions.

What are your nutrition principles? What is good and what is a total no-no?

I’m a foodie, I love everything about chefs’ latest masterpiece. My other passion is healthy food. As forfastfood, I never really liked it. Of course, in thecase of an emergency, I could eat something from MacDonalds but I’ve never had any love for it, not in the past, not now. I’ve been interested in nutrition for a long time already, especially in the nutritional plans, as I call them. One time I practicedmacrobiotics. All about nutrition is important. Even the place where a person lives is. I agree that it is better to eat food which was grown where you live. If you are in LA it’s normal to eat avocado which is not the case if you live in Russian Siberian city Novosibirsk. The better choice there would be some fatty fish rich in omega acids. It will be much more beneficial. I can talk about nutrition forever. I’d just say that it’s good to eat healthy and bad otherwise.

Do you do any sports? What are your favorite workouts?

With 25 years of workouts experience, I came to a conclusion that you need to change your routine from time to time. The body gets used to whatever you are doing and the effect gradually vanishes. At different times I particularly enjoyed yoga (4 years) and pilates (8 years) but now fell in love with cycling. Also, I now love hiking and swimming. Whatever future holds for me in terms of my workouts preferences, I now practice cycling, stretching, mat exercises. All in all, I’m for any activity from tennis which I playalmost all my life to playing with my kids.

Any bad habits you have?

Unhealthy lifestyle is one big bad habit. Smoking and drinking belong there. IsmokedbutIquit. My only weakness is red wine. I can be strict with myself and stay very healthy but at times it can be extremely boring and you’d want something bad. Just a tiny bit.

Being a mother of four do you manage to find time for yourself?

I’ve learned to do it. You can say for hundreds of times that you don’t have time and make excuses but it’s rubbish. I don’t buy into this ‘I don’t have time’ thing. You don’t have time for what you don’t want to do. You will always find time for what you want. I love being on my own. It’s very important to concentrate on your thoughts and dreams, talk to yourself. The best way for me to do it is when I exercise. I love going to the gym and I spend 1,5 hours there.  Another escape for me is knitting. Any hobby which is to do with making your fingers work, like embroidery or sewing is a pleasure for me.

How do you start your day?

Like anyone, checking my phone. Then I get up and have a glass of hot water with lemon and ginger. It boosts the immune system and helps to start the day. It’s also good to stop having caffeine, any kind of stimulant that gives us absolutely unnecessary energy, sugar included.

Do you like cooking?

I love it. I’m doing it all my life. My family is big and I’m cooking for all of them. I also love to cook for big gatherings of friends. My favorite dishes are spaghetti with bottarga, shrimp risotto, and pad thai.

What do you think makes a woman appealing?

Two things: self-assurance and knowing what you want. If a woman knows what she wants and is self-assured, she is 100% appealing independent of how she looks.

What do you think of plastic surgery?

I think it’s absolutely ok. I’m all for scientific and technological progress. You need to care for yourself since your childhood. A healthy beauty routine is a great habit for any woman.

What are your favorite beauty brands?

I love Spanish professional brand Natura Bisse and American brand 3 Lab.

What are your future plans? Any new projects?

Now I’m very enthusiastic with my online project Domokhozi *(the word relates to ‘domokhozyaika’ which means ‘housewife’ in Russian). This is my new project, as I call it, about grounding. But it’s not about housewives, it is about self-development. I’d love to encourage our women to develop academically, spiritually and sexually. That is why there are only progressive ideas on my website.

My motto is if you want to be happy, be.

During the interview Masha shared with #lifeofthemodel recipe of her favourite healthy meal. Find the recipe here.


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