• I think we should include mint more often into our diet and not only use it to freshen up our detox water. The benefits of this powerful fresh herb are often forgotten.
  • Mint, in all of its varieties, is super rich in antioxidants and has also calming powers, good if you have problems with an easily upset stomach or indigestion.
  • Mint can help clear up congestion of the nose, lungs or throat, improving overall oral health.
  • Adding mint leaves into your tea can relieve sore throats while mint oil is a great natural remedy for our skin, because of its antibacterial properties, which are also proven to have an effect in the fight against acne.
  • Mint is highly used in Mediterranean cuisine, which considering as one of the most healthy way of eating.
  • 1 spoon of fresh mint leaves has 0 kcal, 0 fat, 0 carbs and 0.0 mg of cholesterol.
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