My basics of modeling business

My  basics of modeling business

1.The first you need to do is see if you like your agency. Do they have enough jobs for you? Do they give you enough opportunities? What market are they proposing to you? Where are they placing you?

2.Next thing you need to check is the accounting? How do the payments work? What percentage are they taking from you? From what I heard the agency nowadays take even 60%, which is insane. You need to ask about this aspect, the percentage depends on how much you work and how much the agency earns from you. In my time, if you were working a lot and you had possibilities for the future 20% was great and 15% even better, because that is the point you start getting recognition and the money.

Trick: NEGOTIATE WITH THE AGENCY. Give them an offer. If the make you 10000 they have 20%, if they make you 20000 they have 30%, if they make you 30000 they have 40%. In this way you will push them to work harder for you, they will find you more job opportunities because this will mean more money for them. If you can, try this negotiate method, try it.

3. Next thing is your connection with your booker. This is a very important fact, because it has the power to upgrade you. How is the relationship between you and your booker? You have to do everything to make her/him love you. Because if she/he likes you, you will be one of many, but you don’t want that. You want to be loved, you want to be one in a million. For this reason you have to have a strong connection with your booker, in order to be her/his number one.

Trick: Everyone loves the attention. Give an attention to your agent. I little gift or a invitation to lunch would not hurt you. Love and respect your agent and he will love and respect you back.

4. Another thing is payments. Usually in the fashion world the payments happen every 6 months. However there is the possibility to take up to 20% of the money, from shootings and etc. in advance. You will also have to ask for the method of payment, to they send the money to your bank or do they give you a check? Do they charge you an extra percentage when the money is ready? What are the time frame of payment ?

5. Next thing: TAXES. You have to pay your taxes and you should hire an excellent accountant with whom you will be in touch when you travel, who will answer to your mails and who will send you the papers you need right away. Because of the nature of our job we travel a lot and you will have to find someone who understands that and is ready to help you and send you the papers you need, for example, not to pay your taxes twice. Some countries like Italy require the taxes payment if you stay and work in the country for 6 months. However, if you pay your taxes in the US, you will need papers to prove it so that you don’t pay your taxes twice. I encourage you to choose only one country where you will pay your taxes, because it will also make your social security easier to manage.

5. READ YOUR CONTRACT CAREFULLY. You need to pay attention to your contract, because when you sign it you give the agency the right to use your image and everything else. It is extremely important to check if everything you agreed upon with the agency is written in the contract. The best way is to consult with lawyer. I happened to know some.

Don’t be shy or afraid, they can always modify a standard contract and if they really want you they will accept your terms. A piece of advice I can give you is make sure you can stop the contract whenever you want, don’t sign contracts for more than a year and do a three months trial. It will be a great way to see if the agency you chose works for you and if it does not in three months you will be free to find a better one.

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