Where to enjoy healthy food in LA

Recently I had a trip to Los Angeles to attend Natural Products Expo West. It was a very exciting event with more than 10 thousand companies presenting all kinds of healthy organic products. I also managed to squeeze in a quick but thorough review of LA’s best healthy cafes and restaurants. Hope you enjoy!


I consider myself lucky because as a model I’ve traveled a lot and met many people from all around the world. Olga Chechina, who lives in LA is one of them. Our friendship goes way back to the years spent in our hometown Saratov. She is not just my friend but also a talented photographer so I asked her to help me with the project. We were a match made in heaven! Looking like two enthusiastic high-school girls at the concert of their favorite band, we were hungry for all things new, exploring different organic products and learning about their benefits for the body.

I will change the topic now but if you are interested, go and check my post “Best of the best from Expo West 2016”.

While we were discovering new products and listening to the speakers, I decided to take an opportunity and try out as many healthy and vegan places as possible. And since LA is the USA Mecca of everything health, fitness and organic related, I had very high hopes.

I got suggestions from my friends and gave most of them a go. Quite frankly, I am very picky about what I eat and because of that I didn’t fall head over heels for many places, I was told were amazing. However, there were ones that really stood out so I thought I would share them with you, my readers.

Below is a list of the places I liked, ranked from 1 to 5.

Lemonade 4


The idea of self-service applied to vegan and healthy food is something innovative. Customers are given a wide range of healthy choices.


There is a variety of options on offer which means nobody leaves dissatisfied.


I wouldn’t call it my go-to, but it definitely is worth a visit since the prices are reasonable and they offer a great choice of salads.

Gracias madre 4

Loved the décor but wasn’t that excited about the place itself surprisingly because everyone was yarning about it. I’d like to point out that vegan doesn’t automatically mean healthy, as this restaurant proves.


Fried veggies in tons of nearly burnt oil are one of the most popular dishes and the reason why this place didn’t work for me. On a bright side, I’d mention that they have a great outside sitting area.

Kreation Organic 4.5


This is an excellent choice if you are in the mood for some juices and vegan snacks. I loved the outdoor seats and found them to be a peaceful escape from the busy LA traffic.


The food presentation was great and had a conceptual approach, which could be used as an inspiration for those who dream of opening something similar in other countries.

Mainland Poke Shop 4.5


I loved this place. It is great for lunch and a smart choice for those who are always on the run since their takeaway service is quick and easy.


The concept behind this place is intriguing too. What impressed me most were their dressings, truly delicious!


However, it felt like there was a lack of space to sit and enjoy a proper meal.

Cafe Gratitude 4.8


This one was definitely my favorite. I loved everything: the service, the location, the décor and the food, also the waiter’s recommendations were on point. I think that having well-informed and polite staff makes a huge difference. However, EVERYTHING was great.


The macrobiotic bowl (check the menu) was definitely my favorite. There were some minor details that made it impossible to give Cafe a full five.


Fresh juices could be better, it felt almost as if they haven’t been making them for a while or that we ordered them at the wrong time. It tasted like a cold pressed juice, which I find not as healthy as a fresh juice made from great quality veggies. Apart from that, it was a fantastic place.

What is your favorite place to eat in LA? Share your experience with us J


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