My genetics: Your health is in your genes

Earlier this year I visited a Russian company called MyGenetics in a famous Russian city of science – Novosibirsk. This company is offering genetic tests which I think can lead to great improvements in people’s health in the years to come.

Before you choose the right healthy way of living for yourself this is what you need to know.

You need to do a few tests to get the whole picture. For example, you should do your regular base blood tests. For woman I also recommend to make test of your hormones, allergies and food intolerance tests. Do all of them every year, since the results may change. Based on the test I’ve done and taking into account the way I am leaving (my work, regular travels, my ancestry, etc.) I’ve created a program which works perfectly for me. I was super satisfied with the results, thought I still can’t understand why some products are not working well with my body.That’s why recently I’ve done an additional Genetics test to see what I was missing and if my way of leaving right. Based on my DNA, it showed very clearly what kinds of physical activity and what kind of way of eating is optimal for my body. I’ve also learned why I can’t drink alcohol and what’s the best way for me to exercise in order to get body weight. This test is extremely useful. It’s truly helped me to reshape more of my already healthy way of living. It also helped me to see my genetic predispositions towards some diseases and take preventive and additional care. You do this test once in your life and it is totally worth it.


You need this test if you:

–  Want to have a healthy life. You will learn more about your body and how to stay in great shape.

–  Want to start incorporating a fitness routine in your life or already doing it. The test will help to choose the most effective one.

– Are very active and energetic. The test results will help you to keep your energy levels high and achieve new heights.

– Are not happy with your weight. With the test results it will be clear what diet choices you should take for a safe weight loss.

– Are a parent who wants a better lifestyle for your children. Based on the test results you can help your children to make better lifestyle choices.

– Are a senior person. The test can help you to rebuild your strength and keep your life active.

The results of your DNA test are presented to you in the form of about 80-pages report made as a glossy magazine where everything is interpreted and explained in a simple way for your easy understanding. Report consist of three main chapters: Nutrition, Fitness and Metabolism,

I did my test with MyGenetics and now I invite you to listen to my interview with the company dietitian where she talks through the test procedure and benefits.
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Order test right now and you will get a 60 minutes free health coach session with me as a bonus

What are you waiting for ? Your health is in your hands!


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