Natural Products Expo West: My choice Part 2

I continue my report from Los Angeles about best companies from Natural Products Expo West.



The company started in 2006 and since then acquired a reputation as a global leader in producing Manuka honey. On their website you can read all about their products, choose your favorite type of Manuka honey and even learn the healthy recipes of where to use it. At the EXPO, they presented their brand new skincare: artisanal soap with little beads which is a great non-abrasive exfoliator and a refreshing body lotion (not your typical peppermint lotion, it’s just overall refreshing). In their skincare line, they also have lovely lip balms and a face cream. As their representative explained, they are 100% natural, pure, have no synthetic ingredients, no chemicals, no preservatives. What’s not to love?!

Desert farms: camel milk

Have you ever thought about trying camel milk? For some people in the Middle East, it is the only milk they know and it’s been there for hundreds of years used as a natural medicinal therapy in the desert regions and as a natural superfood. Desert Farms company was founded by Walid who tried camel milk at his home in Jeddah and fell in love, so when he moved to California he thought that it’s a perfect place to start a camel milk company. This milk has lower fat percentage than cow’s milk, is a natural probiotic and easy to digest. Among other, it is very popular with the lactose intolerant community and people who have bad autoimmune conditions.


This is what Desert Farms told me: “We got into a camel farming very early in the US so now we have an access to the majority of camels in the country. Everything we offer is produced here in the US. Our farms are in Midwest, they are mostly held by the wonderful Amish community. Each bottle is milked, bottled and packaged at the farm to ensure the delicate camel milk is not exposed to contamination. We also have our farms in Europe for our European market. We offer so many products like raw camel milk, camel milk in a powder form, pasteurized camel milk and more. The most recent launch is our new range of skincare: face wash, face cream, face mask and beautiful natural soaps.”

Éclair Naturals


Californian brand Éclair Naturals produces what seems to be the purest skincare possible. Their products are even food graded which means you can eat them! Their representative at the Expo rightly asked why anyone would want to put anything on the outside of your body that one wouldn’t put on the inside. They produce everything in their factory in California. By doing this they can guarantee the highest standards. These include: being non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, cruelty-free and vegan. They also explained to me that they are very proud to claim their products non-GMO because actually it is a very difficult standard to keep. “A lot of brands say that they do non-GMO products but because they don’t manufacture all of their products, only certain amount of them is non-GMO because only a certain amount of them is made in the non-GMO facility.” Their bestsellers are handmade bar soaps followed by body lotions. Éclair Naturals also have hair products like shampoos and conditioners. All made with the purity of formulas in mind. You can read all the ingredients lists on the website. Transparency is one of the main features of this business.


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