Natural Products Expo West: meet OxiGEN™

These are the products helping faster recovery after your workouts. OxiGEN™ water contains an active ingredient called ASO® that is an abbreviation for activated stabilized oxygen. It speeds up lactate clearance thus you recover faster post-exercise. Other benefits include: improved endurance, better stamina and decreased hangover effects. The company produces OxiGEN™ water and OxiGEN™ shots.


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The manufacturer assures that ASO® stays in the bottles for up to 2 years after production because it is stabilized. While other products contain oxygen in a gas form that easily escapes even a closed bottle. Another great thing is that it has no sweeteners, no unhealthy additives. Check more at


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I spoke to Scott Zeiher, Director of Sales for OxiGen™ about why their products are different from many others on the market: “ The difference is that most of the brands out there are having 30 to 40 parts per million of oxygen while this has 1000 parts per million. This is what is called usable oxygen. It is a proprietary process developed by a NASA research scientist. It took 25 years to figure out how to bond two oxygen molecules together and suspend it in the water. So the water, in essence, is the carrier for that oxygen supplement so as you drink water it is a natural hydration process. The benefits of the water are in replacing that liquid you’ve lost.


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A benefit of an OxiGen™ water is that your blood cells can absorb what is called usable oxygen. By absorbing that usable oxygen as you hydrate, you recover quicker, you have improved endurance, better stamina, better mental clarity. All of those are benefits of an enhanced oxygenated body. This product is designed for an active lifestyle. We do cold packing with plants around the country and internationally and we turn those on as we migrate to those areas. For example, we have just started in Mexico last month so we are in the process of turning that plant on. We supply them with the proprietary ASA® molecule and water comes from 100% triple filtered distilled water. That molecule is added in a pinch of sea salt to bind it all together. We do cold packing across the country and internationally within regions that we ship to trying to reduce the carbon footprint. Our bottles are also 100% recycled.”


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