Omelet with artichokes

I love when people share with me their recipes of healthy meals. They often inspire me to go to the kitchen and cook & try it as soon as I get home. This recipe of omelet was suggested by wonderful Teresa from my favorite vegetables & fruits shop in Milan Frutta e Verdura da Franco, Teresa & Figli. So today celebrating the season of artichokes I cook tasty and nutritious omelet with pecorino cheese and, of course, artichokes.

The recipe is easy – you don’t need much ingredients neither much time. Just make sure you cook artichokes in the right amount of olive oil and water, so it gets soft and fully open it’s taste. Other than that it’s super easy – blend eggs, add salty pecorino cheese and black pepper. Once artichokes is ready, put this mix inside the pan and cook until the omelet is done. You will not believe how unusual and yummy this combination is!

Bon appetite!


Anastassia Khozissova

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