Pilates workout: arms

Pascale Falempin who is a Pilates teacher from Workshop Gymnasium at Bulgari Hotel in Milan and I, we continue to show you our special Pilates workout. Today we are focusing on arms, triceps to be more precise. There is no risk of becoming bulky because we use very small weights. You will get beautifully toned arms. Don’t forget to do our warm up first. It will help you to prepare your body for the workout. It will be even better if you do our legs, glutes and core exercises and then continue to this set.


  1. Grab hand weights (or two small water bottles), sit back over the heels, back over the heels, back slightly tilted forward. Lengthen the arms back past the hips, keep the elbows in and extend/bend the forearms, 10 reps.

Then pulse with the arms long, 10 reps.

  1. Hold the position and rotate to one side and extend the arm, draw the elbow back in and alternate sides, 10 reps.

Next time you are working out add 2 more reps until you reach 20.


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