Pilates workout: core

It’s time for new Pilates workout made in collaboration with Pascale Falempin from Workshop Gymnasium. For previous workouts follow the link.

  • Side lying (obliques)

Lie down on one side with a roller or a rolled towel under the ribcage (just above the waistline). Bottom leg is bent, top leg is straight. Bend one arm behind the head and slowly pulse the upper body.

Pulse the top leg up and down. Core extra engage to stabilize the hips – don’t collapse on the bottom waist.

  • Bend the top knee in towards the opposite elbow, release and lengthen the leg back. Exhale as you rotate, inhale to return. The rotation comes from the waist, keep the hips as stable as possible.

  •  Lean back with hand weights (knee stretch)

Up on high knees, tilt the pelvis forward to engage the glutes, arms long at shoulders height. Inhale and lower the arms down to the hips as you lean back, exhale to return.


Anastassia Khozissova

Photo credit: Rita Lanzafame

Special thanks to Workshop Gymnasium at Bulgari Hotel in Milan


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