Pilates workout: Glutes

Pascale Falempin and I, we continue to show you our special Pilates workout. Today we are focusing on the ever important glutes. These muscles are responsible for how you look in tight shorts or in your new swimsuit.

Don’t forget to do our warm up first. If you want, try our legs exercises before starting working out your glutes.

  1. Bridge

Lie down, legs bent inside the ring and feet flat on the mat. Exhale as you take the pelvis up to a bridge position, inhale to lower down. Engage the core to articulate the spine. Squeeze the ring in at the top and release down, 10 reps.

Hold the bridge and pulse the pelvis up and down, 10 reps. Hold still and squeeze/release the ring, 10 reps.

  1. Grab hand weights and roll up into a bridge.

Fire the glutes and abs to hold the position and slowly open/close the arms. Keep the ribcage in. 10 reps.

  1. Place the ring between the hands, roll up into a bridge. Keep the pelvis high and slowly lower the leg down as you inhale, exhale to return. 10 reps each leg.

As with all our exercises, next time you working out add 2 more until you reach 20.


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