Pilates workout: stretch

Stretch in pilates by far is the most pleasant part of our workout and the last step in it. If you haven’t checked the whole workout yet, let me explain that I and Pascale Falempin from Workshop Gymnasium at Bulgari Hotel in Milan prepared a special set of Pilates exercises for you.

If it’s the first page you’ve opened, then we suggest you to go and start with the warm up then do our legs, glutes, core muscles and arms exercises and only then come to stretch because the warmer the muscles, the better is your stretch.

Lie down, place one foot inside the ring. Inhale as you bend the leg, exhale as you extend and slightly pull the leg in towards you.

10 reps each leg.


Anastassia Khozissova

Photos by Rita Lanzafame

Special thanks to Workshop Gymnasium at Bulgari Hotel in Milan

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