Pink perfect: blackcurrant smoothie

How often do you eat blackcurrants? Not much, right? But blackcurrants are really healthy! They contain antioxidants and vitamin C to help you to be beautiful and keep your body healthy. Just 100 grams of fresh currants provide more than 300% of daily-recommended intake values of vitamin-C. Impressive!

So today I decided to use blackcurrants for my morning smoothie. Take a look to the recipe and let me know do you like it or not.


1 cup of frozen blackcurrants

1 frozen banana

2 cups of Almond milk

1 teaspoon of Hemp seeds

2 tablespoons of Chia seeds

1 cucumber

Put all smoothie ingredients in the high-speed blender, mix well. As you know, I use VitamiX and totally love it! The smoothies I make with it’s help are as smooth and creamy as you would expect.

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