Place to visit: “Flower Burger” in Milano

Healthy fast food? Is it possible? Yes, indeed.

New place in the heart of Milano “Flower Burger” will change your opinion about fast food, just like it is changed mine. The location and layout that represented the new Flower Power inspired by Hippie and Ibiza.


Picture by Ksenia Ivanova

This yummy place offer 6 different burgers, plus the Specials. My favorite and MUST try is “Flower Burger.”  It is made with Seitan and beans patty, soy beans, flower cheddar (vegan cheese), confit tomatoes, salad and their magical sauce – Salsa Erbina.

During my visit to Flower Burger I’ve met Matteo, the founder of this place, and asked him a very important question.


Picture by Ksenia Ivanova

Why do you think healthy lifestyle became so popular?

Nowadays the way people are spending money is changing. From items and products to the expenses like food and travel – step by step we start to understand the value and the quality of life. This means also to take care about yourself in many ways, think about environment and about the future of our planet.


Picture by Ksenia Ivanova

Plus, I think we have the trend: vegan is the new black. This helps a lot. And we wanted to show people that you can have a cool tasty meal eating only vegetables.

Btw, soon “Flower Burger” is going to be in Rome. Don’t forget to check out and let us know which one is your favorite meal @FlowerBurger.


Picture by Ksenia Ivanova



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