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Welcome to #Lifeofthemodel – your everyday source for healthy lifestyle tips


“What is #LifeoftheModel?

Well, it’s me, plain and simple! During my 22 years in the international fashion world I’ve tried many different ways of eating, training and motivation. I’ve also faced many challenges in my life and I’ve learnt how to face them head on, refuse to be beaten and to believe in one’s self. So this is really my experience of life to date, and I’d like to share these discoveries with you.

I’d keen to share the positive side of my journey with you and introduce you to what I’ve gained along the road, some lifestyle tips and to the people I know.

What look to choose today? Which book do I recommend? How to apply your make-up? What’s the best way to walk on high heels? How to cook something tasty and healthy in a few minutes and what everyday workouts to do in order to keep fit? I hope you may find something useful amongst my stories, the pictures I show, and the people I introduce you to along the way.

I’d be thrilled to know that I may contribute to improving your lifestyle, even just a little and in whatever way. My goal is simple – to help and impart what I know. And as such, I’d like to invite you to the world of #LifeoftheModel.

Let the journey begin!”



Anastassia Khozissova


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