Pumpkin smoothie with goji berries

Recently I’ve been making a lot of smoothies for myself experimenting with different ingredient and flavors. Sweet and sour, green and fruity – they are all different, but tasty and full of vitamins, minerals and protein. Today I want to share with you a delicious smoothie recipe that blends the familiar flavors of pumpkin and banana with goji berries and dots.

You will need:

Raw pumpkin

Almond milk

Goji berries

Agave syrup




To decorate:

Sunflower seeds

Almond milk froth

Of course you know, that sweet and flavorful pumpkin is a perfect for smoothies. Apart the fact that it’s packed with vitamins, it also gives this velvety smooth texture to your drink. Goji berries are also delicious addition to smoothies. They add a blend of cranberry and cherry flavor notes to the smoothie’s taste. But the main reason I add them is for the super boost of nutrients and protein they provide. It’s good to soak it in water for several minutes before adding to the processor (by the way, I’m using Vitamix for some time and I love it). To make my smoothies sweeter, I usually add frozen banana and I’ve included it for this smoothie recipe as well.  As for the final taste, I like to add some salt to create sweet and sour effect.

Now, go see the video recipe of pumpkin smoothie with goji berries and let me know what you think!

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