Red currants

If you are anything like me, then one of the things you care about the most is your skin. Red currants, as all berries, are great for our skin because they are rich in vitamin C and vitamin B, which promote the creation of new skin cells.​

Also, as I have mentioned in my “Cold fighter” immune boost tea recipe, because of all the vitamin C present in red currants, they are a great means to help our immune system to stay strong and also to fight the free radicals present in our body and thus prevent cancer.​

These little red gems are also packed with magnesium, helping us to keep our blood pressure under control and preventing cardiovascular disease.​

Red currants is excellent to create a heathy sauces for fish ( Spatula with currant sauce) or meat.

1 cup of red currants contains 63 kcal, 0 gr of fat and cholesterol and 2 gr of dietary fibers.​

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