Russian style mask

Russian Mask

I grew up in Saratov Russia back then I didn’t have as many beauty products as I have now. We had improvise and use natural resources to take care of our face and body.

One of those was the “Russian style Mask”.​

One of the ingredients is Smetana. It is an ingredient that is widely used in many Central and Eastern European cuisines: for appetizers, main courses, soups and desserts. It is what we call soured cream in english.​ I love to cook. While I make some of my favorite dishes I like to combine cooking with beauty care.​ How you asked ?  By using natural ingredients on my face. The perfect example is Smetana or Natural Yogurt with Cucumber.​

I have slightly dry skin especially during winter. I like keeping my skin well moisturized and white by using mostly natural products !​  This is why I like to use this lovely product on my face.​

I make a mask which helps me hydrate whiten and protect my skin while I am cooking.​

It is simple and easy.​

Take organic Smetana (soured cream)  fresh squeezed lemon juice then add fine grater cucumber mix all and apply a thin layer to your skin for 10-15 m while you cooking or watching TV. Then wash your face with warm water and soft sponge.

I like to spend my time wisely and with a pleasure.​

What about you ?

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