It’s all balance that matters

Biofach exhibition I visited in February this year in Nuremberg hosted not just European but American companies too. One of them was Balanced Guru from Florida, US. I got interested in their stall because of the assortment of skincare and bodycare cosmetics they exhibited.

Balanced Guru is a company that produces skincare and bodycare which is made of pure organic ingredients, even their packaging is made in a sustainable way. As the founders say, by creating their products they wanted to find balance between Eastern wisdom and modern Western science.

The company carefully sources the ingredients making sure they are of the certified organic produce. I was also explained that one of the key differences of Balanced Guru formulations is that they try to minimize the use of water making their products highly concentrated with active botanical ingredients.

If you are into organic skincare, then here you can find everything you need: face cleansers, toners, face creams and serums, also bodycare products and haircare, even aromatherapy sprays.

Balanced Guru products are not just pleasant to use and beautifully packed, they are created to benefit your emotional health as well. The company believes in finding balance in all aspects of life.

I’ve tested their organic body butter and really liked it — it moisturized my skin very well. If you need something a bit lighter then as company representative offered, choose the body oil instead because it spreads easier and would be great for somebody who doesn’t have extremely dry skin. Organic body butter could be used for rough skin areas such as knees, elbows and heels.

The brand cannot be bought in Europe yet but the company hopes that exhibitions like Biofach would help to find distributors at the European market.

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