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I love trying new body treatments and sharing my experiences with you. I’ve been in Moscow and had a chance to visit SPA salon created by one of the most renowned Russian natural skincare brands called Natura Siberica. I’ve asked Anastasia Volkova, Fresh SPA main technologist, a few questions as well. While my Russian readers are probably familiar with Natura Siberica because it is one of the best in natural and organic skincare range, my English-speaking readers would be interested to know more about this brand “from Siberia”.

About the company:

Natura Siberica was founded in 2007. After almost 10 years it has grown into one of the most famous Russian brands that produce natural and organic skincare. Being Russian pioneers in this industry movement, they made Russia (and now the rest of the world) to look closer at the uniqueness of Siberian nature and nailed it. Their 1st SPA salon FRESH SPA by Natura Siberica was opened in 2014.

Anastassia Khozissova: What is the concept of FRESH SPA by Natura Siberica?

Anastasia Volkova: We wanted to create a special place where you’d experience a sense of harmony with nature throughout your visit. You open the door and immediately get into an enigmatic territory which is Siberia. It protects its secrets as well as mysterious rituals and traditions of indigenous tribes.

Our team had spent a few years in the vast Siberian land where they collected knowledge, took part in the rituals, practiced special massage techniques, learned from Siberian tribes and looked for the best and rare components for our future SPA treatments.

We present you a cedar wood tub, warm volcanic “stima” stone, wild northern berries and herbs, magical Siberian stones with healing powers. All of them were put together in our FRESH SPA by Natura Siberica for you to experience the atmosphere of health and beauty and find harmony in getting away from the hustle and bustle of a big city.


Our beautician will mix all the natural and fresh components right in front of you preparing them for the treatment. We will happily tell a story of each and every component as they were handpicked and delivered from the place of their origin. Our specialists are the masters of different massage techniques, traditional Siberian rituals and steaming “banya” techniques learned from Altay and Khakassia masters. They will create your individual treatment program and suggest products you can use at home to extend the salon effect. We have all one can wish for: massages, exfoliating and body wrapping treatments, face, hair and body treatments, slimming and toning treatments, individual one-day programs.


AK: You have a special line of products sold in your stores; are they the same you use in your SPA treatments?

AV: All the mixtures for our SPA treatments are made right in front of the client from the natural and fresh components. Such things like berries, honey, milk, medicinal herbs, oils etc have to be used straight away.

You were right mentioning our special line of products called Fresh Spa. You can buy them in our SPA salon and in our stores and use at home.

The Fresh SPA line for home use helps to keep the results from the treatment longer and of course, you can use it for your home skin care and hair care routine. There is a product for any task: cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, and revitalizing, and of course we offer anti-cellulite and slimming products.

Some salon treatments require products from our Fresh SPA line but they are used simply as supportive to the main mixtures made by our beauticians. For example, they use a few drops of eye serum “1001 roses” during the face treatment, same goes for the finishing touch of many body care treatments – a cream or moisturizing lotion from our Fresh SPA line will be used for that.

Fresh SPA line has four ranges of products:

Bania Detox – deep cleansing and detox

KAM-CHAT-KA – slimming and tightening, anti-cellulite, anti-stretch marks

Panta de Siberia – toning

Imperial Caviar – global anti-aging effect


AK: What is so special about the ritual you chose for me? Which products were used?

AV: You were offered our northern lifting SPA-treatment called “Tsar’s berry”. This lifting treatment is based on the qualities of an Arctic cloudberry brought from Sakhalin Island. It includes a delicate exfoliation with a berry peel, deep hydration, toning and recovery of tired, dry and sensitive skin.

This cloudberry FRESH peel makes wonders to your skin due to its fruity acids. It delicately removes dead cells, lifts the skin, brightens pigmentation and polishes small scarring. Fruity acids help to eliminate the signs of aging, stimulate elastin and collagen produce making your skin restore and rejuvenate itself.

Superactive berry FRESH mask with high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, moisturizing agents, and restorative provitamin B5 deeply hydrates, eliminates fine lines, tones and regenerates the deeper skin levels. It results in an active lift and rejuvenation of your skin.

It lasts almost 2,5 hours and finishes with our trademark Fresh SPA massage using freshly squeezed cedar nut oil. You can see the results immediately after: your skin is smooth, toned, taut and radiant!


AK: What is the difference of Natura Siberica and how do you represent yourself in other countries? What is your secret of success?

AV: We are the first Russian company that produces natural and organic skincare made with the use of rare ingredients from Siberia and other hard-to-reach Northern regions of the world. We have our own laboratory where we study the healing properties of different plants and use this knowledge to create our products in order to help you keep your youth and beauty.

Our products are sold in hundreds of Russian cities and in 45 markets all over the world. We have our standalone boutiques Natura Siberica in Denmark, Spain, Japan, Serbia, Estonia and Hong Kong. In the UK you can find us in Harrods and in France – in Monoprix. Our high quality and conformance to the world standards for natural and organic skincare is proved by international certificates and awards. Natura Siberica helps people to keep their beauty with the help of Russian nature. We are proud to have this opportunity to show powerful and successful Russia to the world.

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Photos by Anastassia Khozissova

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