Style strategy: how to build up an exceptional wardrobe based on fabulous basics. Part I.

Style strategy: how to build up an exceptional wardrobe based on fabulous basics. Part I.



Olga-Wissam1The other day I got a call from my girl Olga Wilschau. She works as a personal stylist with successful women in business and life who are confident and charismatic enough to distinguish their personal signature style. We were talking about the importance of personal /signature style and what are “must-have” in woman’s closet. I’ve asked Olga what’s her “must have” ?


Here is her story.

In a contemporary society, we have been conditioned to spend without thinking. Trends come and go so quickly that it almost seems necessary to replace your entire wardrobe several times a year just to keep up. To avoid this, it is inevitable to build up your look around fabulous basics and be ready to invest in quality accessories to finalize a desirable look.

These brilliant basics, if carefully selected, can stretch your wardrobe into more than ninety different looks.

Classic High-heeled pumps:

There are so many beautiful options. It is always better to go for what is comfortable and sophisticated, in a neutral tone like black, brown, grey or bone. Avoid very square, very round, or very pointy toes to make these shoes last.

Trench coat:

It is a must have for any wardrobe. It travels through time and weather effortlessly. It is also versatile enough to be worn in two or three seasons and is available in a variety of fabrics and colors.

White shirt:

The key of wearing shirt is in how you wear it. It can be very formal and classic and young and casual. When it fits perfectly it gives a significant level of sophistication in any occasion.

The little black dress:

Black dress is the smartest thing for town. It can be worn for a business meeting, informal lunch or with accessories at cocktail hour.


Tailor-made jacket or blazer can take a major place in your wardrobe. It provides the contrast of both feminine and elegant conservative look. While it can be powerful in the business environment and it can deliver anything else in different occasion.

Having a classic style does not mean to ignore fashion trends. Building up the wardrobe with basic essentials will make you look trendy without putting a lot of energy into composing a successful outfit every single morning. That appearance of effortlessness is the result of a great deal of discipline and smart wardrobe management.

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