Style strategy: Part two.

It is impossible to buy personal style or to cook it up during a weekend, but it is possible to achieve it following some practical fashion advices and the aim to dress up thoughtfully. Here we go! Style strategy part two are ready !

Behind any woman with a great personal style there are some smart shopping strategies and clear categorization of a wardrobe, based on her social life and every day activities.

It does not matter who you are and what you do, where you live – your wardrobe needs a solid classic foundation.

Cashmere cardigan/ Turtleneck:

Both of these are great for layering. Cashmere is so warm and soft and lightweight. Cardigan looks beautiful with silky blouse underneath and can be highlighted with a belt to add a touch of sophistication.

Good-looking suit:

Love it or hate it, but a great suit can be one of the most stylish and useful things in the wardrobe. It is easy to mix it with other pieces and it still does look smart. It is casual enough to wear it in the countryside with a sweater, but not so casual with a series of appropriate blouses at the office.

Pencil skirt:

All skirts have their fashion “in” moments, and if you want to include only one, invest in this timeless shape. Select a versatile structured fabric like tropical–weight wool or heavy cotton.

Tailored made trousers:

A good pair of light wool trousers can be worn almost any time of year. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in them, any style could work well. The best option is simple cut and solid neutral color.

Ballet flats:

Every time you step out in a pair of pumps, you find yourself wearing ballet flats 24/7. Make sure the toe isn’t too round. A very round toe looks cheap and shortens your legs.

A great bag:

The bag is central to every woman’s personal style. It can communicate faster than you can say any words. You can buy it on impulse, but not because it is must have of the season. If your wardrobe is full of neutral clothing, you can go for a statement bag in a brighter color like red, burgundy, hunter green; if your clothing features a lot of color, a neutral bag in camel, grey, black will match everything.

Having a classic style does not mean to ignore fashion trends. Building up the wardrobe with basic essentials will make you look trendy without putting a lot of energy into composing a successful outfit every single morning; you already possess a dozen tried-and-true combinations to rely on. That appearance of effortlessness is the result of a great deal of discipline and smart wardrobe management.



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