Tagliolini all’ortica with Francesco Missoni

Tagliolini all’ortica with Francesco Missoni 

Italian men sure knows how to cook pasta! So we invited Francesco Maccapani Missoni to share with us his family recipe of perfect pasta and asked him few questions regarding his healthy lifestyle.



– Francesco, what does healthy lifestyle means to you?

Francesco Maccapani Missoni: Happiness. When I follow healthy life style, I have more positive thoughts.

– How did you become an adept of healthy eating?

FMM: My family helped me, my mother especially.

– How eating healthy can affect the life?

FMM: We are made of what we eat. That’s it.

– Is there any products you don’t eat because you consider them unhealthy?

FMM: I don’t drink a lot of soda and don’t eat McDonalds and pre-cooked food

– The best meal is ….

FMM: Grandma’s meal obviously.

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For our perfect pasta we chose organic Tagliolini by Italian brand JOYIT. And you know what’s interesting about this pasta? It has different flavors and for today’s meal, we selected Tagliolini all’ortica or Tagliolini with nettle! Unusual, yet really delicious.


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Cut zucchini on the round pieces and fry it on the pan with garlic and olive oil. In other pan boil some water, add olive oil and a bit of salt and put your pasta. After zucchini and pasta are ready, mix it together in a separate bowl, adding basil and ricotta cheese.


Enjoy your healthy pasta!



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