Tagliolini alla Curcuma with zucchini and shrimps

Italians do like pasta. I don’t know anyone in Italy who doesn’t. Living here for so long made me, a Russian soul, fall in love with pasta hard and deep. So, today I decided to cook traditional Italian meal for a dinner, but with organic twist.

The base of my meal – organic pasta by Italian brand JOYIT, which I discovered recently and fall in love immediately. They have pasta with different flavors, but for this meal I prefer Tagliolini alla Curcuma. This pasta works perfectly in combination with zucchini and shrimps.

I invite you to join me in a cooking process and surprise your family with healthy, organic, but, oh, so delicious dinner!


In case you also want to try bio organic products from JOYIT, follow the link http://joyit.co/shop/, enter promo code AK01 at the checkout and get your 10% #lifeofthemodel discount. Isn’t it cool?



For full experience please see our video.


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