Talavera Santa Catarina — ceramics studio in Mexico

Do you pay attention to the tableware your meal is coming in? In my childhood, in USSR it was usual to set the table for the guests with the best tableware we had. I do not have those sets anymore, thats why I love to buy beautiful plates, bowls and cups.

Recently, I visited a fantastic place — ceramics studio in Mexico called Talavera Santa Catarina. The place is located in San Andres Cholula near the city of Puebla. Talavera is a special kind of ceramics that is made only here in this little area in Mexico. Talavera ceramics and Talavera technique are distinguished by the special clay preparation process, glazing and peculiar painted designs. One of the steps in making the clay ready is kneading it with feet. The glaze is prepared using carefully kept XVI century recipe.

Now only nine ceramics making studios in Puebla have the right to stamp their produce with the certificate of origin and be called Talavera makers. This studio I visited is one of them. The name of their creator is Fernanda Gamboa.

Aside from the beautifully painted plates Talavera Santa Catarina produces decorative interior pieces, makes special orders, even murals. They also make tiles of very distinctive look. Tiles could be used to decorate facades, stairs, etc.

The work in the studio is all very traditional and authentic methods and techniques are used in all the stages. I’ve tried to push the potter’s wheel and found it really hard! It is very laborious but oh so beautiful job. To own one of Talavera Santa Catarina’s things is priceless.


Anastassia Khozissova

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