The essence of juicing: Con and Pro

The other day I ordered a glass of freshly made juice ( thats what was wrote in their menu) in one of the cafes in Milano. The juice I got was obviously made a few hours ago. When asked, the waiter said my guess was right. This made me think about writing a post about what juice can be called freshly made and what is on offer in stores and cafes.


At the very top of a juice evolution there is a juice that is freshly pressed and the one you are supposed to drink immediately. All the nutrients, vitamins and minerals live for the first 20 minutes. Leave it for later and it oxidizes and loses some of its value, then some more until there is nothing left except water and sugar.


At the lower step there is juice which is cold-pressed with a hydraulic press. Not pasteurized i.e. not treated with high-temperature, this juice can be used within 2-3 days. These kinds of juice are very expensive and are not easily available.
Recently appeared method of high pressure processing or HPP allows the juice to be used within up to 45 days. Thus it can be represented in more stores and consequently the sales numbers are higher.
Freshly cold-pressed juice is bottled and put into a high-pressure chamber where it is eliminated of all the bacteria causing spoilage. The manufactures assure that due to this method all the original qualities are kept intact: the taste, color, smell and nutrients present in fruits and vegetables.

Is that true?

Many consumers including myself do not agree that this HPP juice is as beneficial as the one you make at home and drink immediately. There are assumptions that due to HPP process not only the bad bacteria are eliminated but it changes the cell structures and kill enzymes, some part of vitamins and minerals got eliminated as well. You can’t say that HPP juice is absolutely identical to a juice freshly made at home.
Besides there are issues with the packaging as well. Many kinds of plastic packaging have BPA or bisphenol A as a component. It has a negative impact on hormonal system and could be the reason for high blood pressure. So choosing the juice, pay attention to the packaging too, look for the one with a BPA-free sign.

You choose

I am not telling you to stop buying juices. I just want you to make a wise choice now that you’ve read the information. My choice is a freshly made at home juice, that I make using my cold-press juicer Kuvings (link). Use my recipes for your next home-made juice.
Another benefit of your home-made juices is the MONEY YOU SAVE. You will definitely pay more for a juice at a bar or for a packed HPP signed bottle at a supermarket.

Ordering a freshly made juice ask for it to be truly made right now. You can easily check it: the fresh one will have a frothy top and some pulp.


Incase you are not able to do a juice yourself try to get one freshly made at a juice bar i am sure there is one in your city


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